Metaco operates at the intersection of finance and technology.

Metaco is a Swiss-based company with international presence. We bring together industry experts and most talented engineers to fulfill the requirements of financial corporations. Our aim is to offer outstanding value propositions to our clients in the field of distributed ledgers and digital currencies, with a particular focus on payment and banking.

From the beginning, we founded our company on:

  • Building a solid technology infrastructure that serves our clients and ourselves,
  • Promoting the development of open payment networks,
  • Recruiting outstanding talents in both blockchain and finance fields,
  • Developing specific vertical expertise to reach unmatched industry knowledge, and
  • Gaining trust through the consistent delivery of value.

We continue to nurture our values to become a reference of excellence in the marketplace.


Adrien Treccani, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Adrien Treccani
Jacques Grivel
Nicolas Dorier
Chief Technical Officer