Facilitating access to
distributed ledgers

We firmly believe that distributed ledgers are the foundations of the next generation of financial services. Our products facilitate the development of smart, fast and secure financial applications by establishing standards and alleviating entry barriers to open payment networks.


NBitcoin Framework

NBitcoin is the most complete and portable Bitcoin framework for the .NET platform. It has extensive support for standard network features including transactions processing, wallet management and security. NBitcoin also facilitates advanced blockchain use cases such as the creation of custom assets and smart contracts.

  • Transaction builder (bitcoin and custom assets)
  • RPC Client
  • SPV Wallet implementation
  • Payment Protocol

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NBitcoin Server

NBitcoin Server is a fault tolerant, scalable and stand-alone blockchain explorer for Microsoft Azure cloud. The service is compatible with custom assets including private currencies, loyalty points, or financial securities. It exposes a standardized HTTP API to track transactions and to interact with the network.

  • Transactions indexer (bitcoin and custom assets)
  • Scalable architecture

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Metaco Gateway

Metaco Gateway is a platform connecting banks and payment processors to open payment networks. It provides a SaaS service to process bitcoin payments right from a traditional bank account. Our solution was built from the ground up to satisfy the constraints of financial institutions and to facilitate a seamless integration by delegating operational complexity to Metaco.

  • Connection to open payment networks
  • Bitcoin payments straight from e-banking
  • No volatility risk or inventory reserves


Metaco Account

Metaco Account is Metaco’s banking solution for managing bitcoin accounts. It provides an integrated platform to offer fully capable bitcoin accounts to banks’ retail clients. Metaco Account includes specialized hardware to secure funds so that our clients can safely keep bitcoin reserves at little operational cost. Metaco offers brokerage services to buy and sell bitcoins through its Metaco Gateway platform.

  • Management of clients’ bitcoin accounts
  • Secure storage of reserves
  • Instant payments through Metaco Gateway
  • Purchase and sale of bitcoins


Metaco Wallet

Metaco Wallet is Metaco’s smartphone application for managing bitcoins and blockchain assets. It provides a lightweight solution for managing private currencies aimed at retail users and allowing peer-to-peer payment globally. Metaco Wallet fully integrates other Metaco services and offers a rich user experience to retail customers on Android and iOS devices.

  • Autonomous wallet
  • Custom assets (e.g., private currencies, equities, commodities)
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Hardware security